Support For Affiliates and Customers

Welcome to the Support Department for the Free Income Machine, Income Toolkit, and the Easy Income Team in Easy 1-Up.

Please ask about anything you don't understand or anything that seems to be a problem. Suggestions for improving the websites or programs we operate are welcome, but we blacklist any email address that sends the Support Department a suggestion to watch some video, join some program, or buy some product or service.

We appreciate being informed of any error you encounter on any of our related web sites. That includes error messages appearing, links not working, and spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

If your question relates to the Free Income Machine, check the "Questions?" page in the member area first. For your convenience, there's a link to it right here.

If your question requires that I look up your affiliate account, you must provide your username to get it answered.

We use the phone only for answering questions related to Easy 1-Up. All other matters are handled by email.

To reach us, Click Here to open your email program if you have one installed on the computer or other device you are using and your browser is not Microsoft Edge.

Otherwise write to:

Please include "support-FIM" in the subject line. If your question relates to another program related to our web site, insert it's initials in place of "FIM". Include your username if the question requires that we look up your affiliate info.

Put our email address in your address book or whitelist it for your email filter so our emails get through to you. We do not send emails just to advertise something. We send emails only for the following purposes:

Spammers can show a false "from" address on the emails they send. If you get an advertising email with our "from" address, it did not actually come from us.

To reach Member Support by regular mail, write to:
Easy Income Center
190 W State Route 89A #371
Sedona AZ 86336-6135

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